"Your partner(in business or life) can be your greatest asset or your greatest liability.
Choose wisely."


Answer by Kshitij Ingle:

I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that Art of Living is the “Amway” of spiritual affiliate programs.
This comes from a personal experience where an aunt of mine used to endlessly hound me and my mom and tell us about the benefits of joining the Art of Living course, irrespective of whether we were interested or not.
It is in the annals of the pyramid scheme how this seems to work I figured.
You attend a session after paying the money, you maybe genuinely like it, maybe not, but because AoL is what urban youth deems to be “cool” in certain circles, I won’t generalize, this vicious cycle of referrals starts happening, whether you like it or not.
The deal is I’m told by an insider, you get to go to greater meetings and one day get a chance to meet the man (Sri Sri Ravishankar) himself.
You also earn hefty commissions(this I’m speaking for the recognized workers for AoL) on bringing a set number of people to the next meeting.
There are quite a few friends who paid money to join these sessions and came back disappointed.
It’s also not about the entry fee being charged either, if yoga was meant to be accessible to everyone, why the copyrighting and incessant marketing behind it?

This is completely my opinion on what AoL is as I have perceived to be.

As for the last point raised by the person putting up this question, your probability of finding your life partner is equally good in a pub, library or the street. Like they say, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.
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